Festive Fizz & Eats at Enchanted Weston

12 – 21 December 2019

Magical Illuminated Walk With a Winter Festival Atmosphere!




Proms & Prosecco in the Park

13 September 2020

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Great Music

Great Food

Family Friendly

Music, Food and Fizz

fizz festivals

We are passionate about creating fabulous events that appeal to all generations. We create unique experiences – magical musical events which bring together the best of local food and drink producers.

We provide a platform for local musicians to perform alongside well-known names from the music industry, all in stunning locations, creating an event to remember.

Our classical events are the perfect opportunity to gather together friends and family, pack a hamper and blanket…or even the dining table and candelabra… and relax under the stars. Bringing together local artists, plus some of the best UK vocalists, quartets, choirs and orchestras is part of our vision to make classical music accessible and enjoyable for all.

Our family music festivals provide the best of the festival experience, but without the stinky toilets and raucuous crowds! We create festivals where the children can enjoy crafts, activities and musical workshops, whilst you relax and enjoy great food, great fizz and music that you actually want to hear!

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